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Welcome to the Lights.Click.Love Journal Entry, if this is your first time visiting please read through. You will want to save this link in your browser or on your home screen for easy daily access.

Adding something new to your day may be daunting to most. Let’s begin your daily routine by planning your day and week in your notebook or journal. So grab your favorite drink and a notebook. We will use the first one to three pages as a continuing list of goals and things to do throughout the week month or year. You can skip these three pages for now but come back to them when your mind is racing with things that need to be done. 

Go to the fourth page of your notebook or journal start at the top with today’s date.

Pick one big thing to accomplish and write this down it can be as simple as getting groceries trying a new recipe or something big like a job interview or painting a room, but make it realistic something that really needs to be done.

Next make a smaller list of simpler tasks. This should include complete a lights click love Unlimited journal entry, and can also include things like walk the dog, feed the dog and what you might eat for breakfast. Like I said earlier they should be easy things to accomplish.

Now on today’s journal page write down these four questions leaving 4-6 lines for your answers.

Question number one: how am I feeling today?

Question number two: what did I accomplish yesterday?

Question number three: what are three things I am thankful for

Question number four: what is my main goal that I am working on with this unlimited challenge.

Now believe you were here for a reason and filling out your notebook or journal daily is a great way to start holding yourself accountable for great things to happen, so you will use the same four questions every day. I am so excited for you to start your goal setting journey!

Most of my students have found that filling out the online questionnaire below has help them achieve their goals even more. Filling out the online questionnaire will send your answers directly to me. As your online coach this works as a partnership when you tell someone else what you want to accomplish you will feel more inspired to complete the tasks and goals this will allow me to cheer you for on all your accomplishments.

The next few steps are completely up to you! Get the full results of the lights click love Unlimited challenged by completing your daily journal both in your notebook and in the online journal entry and invest in yourself with a coaching phone calls you’ll get 30 minutes to work with me on your personalized goals. Schedule your first call so we can set up your goal list and welcome packet complete the questionnaire and then click the link below at the bottom of the page.


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How am I feeling today?*

What did I accomplish yesterday?

What is my main goal that I am working on with this unlimited challenge?

What are three things I am thankful for today?

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